🌟Reward System

Discover how the rewards can be obtained in the game

The reward system is splitted in two mechanisms:

  • Those that can obtained through a dedicated Leaderboard keeping score on the various leagues played.

  • Those obtainable straight from a League.


Everytime a manager register one of his fighters into a league, he will obtain a certain number of points given fighter's result in the league. These points are used to rank each manager among a leaderboard specific to each Arena.

Placing a fighter card into a daily league will grant the manager 5 points if the fighter is eliminated at the first stage, 150 if he won the league.

Each Arena holds its own rewards:

-> Starter Arena focus on upgrading manager's roster by giving access to Bronze & Silver cards.

-> Championship Arena is the most competitive place, as such it also offers the most attractive rewards: pack, cards & Ethereum Ξ.

-> Extended Arena can be considered as a bonus Arena where the fighters that cannot be placed in other arenas, at a given time, might find an accessible league in this Arena. This Arena offers alternative items such as merchandising and Ethereum Ξ for a larger number of people.


Some leagues offer right after their completion the featured reward to the winner. It is a good way to grab additional cards for your roster, especially the rarity above.

The rewards are indicated right into the league's description. As of now, the reward are composed of Bronze, Silver & Gold cards.

They can be found in Starter or Championship Arena. Their occurence is periodic and variable.

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