Rarity Table


It represents the time when the card was created, and is displayed as [Quarter, NΒ° quarter, Year] on each card. New editions are produced when a particular event happens in a Fighter’s career (title shot, belt obtention, retirement, league change...).


Starter cards are not NFT-powered

Starter cards are aimed to:

  • Discover the game;

  • Obtain rarer cards;

  • Play for free in MCG


  • These cards can't be traded with other Managers.

  • They unlock access to the Starter Arena.

  • Rewards that can be gained with them are:

    • Points;

    • Starter cards;

    • Bronze cards;

  • Starter Equipment & Fighter cards can only be paired with Starter cards.

Bronze > Unique

All rarities except Starter cards have the same use:

  • Register Figthers;

  • Tradable on the Marketplace;


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