League System

The Specifications of the Leagues

Leagues' Rotation

The Leagues’ Rotation refers to a system where the different leagues available in each Arena are made available to the Users on an automatic and rotating basis. In this system, the Users will have access to different leagues for a set period of time before they are replaced by a new set of leagues.

Each rotating league will require different criteria of enrolment such as weight category, gender, status, score, ownership of specific equipment or related to a brand, nationality, etc. The requirements for each rotating league will be displayed so that Users understand what they need to qualify for a league.

Types of League

Limited Registration refers to a limited amount of spots in the League. Only a fixed amount of Fighters can enter the League. Each League induces a 30 minutes to 1 hour resting period after the League has ended.

Unlimited Registration refers to no limit regarding the number of Fighters entering a League.

Direct Registration refers to an instant registration into a League resulting in a matchmaking with an opponent.

When no other player can be match with your fighter, you will face an A.I. against which you will win 100% of the time.


As of now the duration are:

  • Instant,

  • 2-hours,

  • 4-hours,

  • 8-hours,

  • 12-hours,

  • Daily (24-hours),

  • 48-hours,

  • Weekly.

The longer the duration of the league, the higher the cost of Fight Session and the points gained per stage (8th final, 1/4 final...).

Please do note that in a Direct Registration fight, the Fighters will observe a resting period between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the League's duration.


Any League comes with a prize pool to be shared between the participants based on their results. Each participation in a League grants Rewards, the handout is made in descending order based on ranking; the longer and harder a League is, the higher the Rewards. The leagues offering direct rewards are more scarce.

In-league rewards consists of:

  • Points,

  • Cards,

  • Packs,

  • Cryptocurrency,

  • Special Prize.


Three Leaderboards exist, one for each Arena (Starter, Instant, Championship), you can move up in the leaderboard by winning points out of fights in the Arenas.

Leaderboard rewards can be:

  • Cards,

  • Packs,

  • Cryptocurrency,

  • Special Prize.