Fighting Algorithm

Course of the fight

A fight takes the form of an exchange of blows between two fighters. The fight lasts until one of them is knocked out or until 24 hit attempts have been made. The last one standing or more aggressive fighter wins the fight!

Characteristics of the fighters

Fighters possess different characteristics that will impact the fight, like their Rarity, their MetaFight score and their Stats. The main way to increase your chances of winning is to increase these stats by adding Equipment Card to your Fighter Card. You can only equip one at a time per fighter, so choose wisely ! There will be other ways to improve the stats in further updates, stay tuned!


Each fighter can gain two types of stats, Technical and Personal connected as per the table below:

  • Technical stats represent the fighting style of the fighter, they affect the chances to enter each Fighting Phase (Striking, Grappling, Wrestling),

  • Personal stats represent the physical skills of the fighter, impact on one blow's force related to the Technical Stat,

Personal StatStrikingGrapplingWrestling

Fight IQ
































A boost in Personal Stats raise the Technical Stats but not the opposite.

Hit calculation


During a fight, each fighter will try to land hits on their opponent. The one who takes the initiative is based on both fighters' score and rarity. The stronger fighter, defined by MetaFight Score + Rarity Factor, the more chances to take the initiative, thus, to make hit attempts.

Hit Phase

Once the initiative is set, is decided the Hit Phase. Based on the Technical Stats, you can either enter a:

  • Striking Phase,

  • Grappling Phase,

  • Wrestling Phase,

The chances of entering each phase are dependent on the Technical stats of the fighter who got the initiative, the higher one stat, the higher chance to enter this Fighting Style. The Phase also impacts on the Hit Damage, the higher one stat, the higher damage can be dealt.

Specializing a fighter in one Fighting Style allow him to more frequently fight in this Phase

Hit Success

Each move can either:

  • Hit: High chance to happen, deal damage to the opponent, initiative is recalculated for next phase,

  • Miss: Low chance, Move fail to deal damage, initiative is recalculated for next phase,

  • Blocked: Low chance, no damage made, opponent takes the initiative on next phase to counterattack. (Update Alpha 4: Chances reduced to 0% for now to balance initiative)

Type of Hit

2 types of hits can happen during a fight:

  • Normal Hit: High chance to happen, damage affected by the correspondent Personal Stats given the Fighting Style Phase,

  • Special Hit: Low chance to happen, deal more damage to the opponent (Update Alpha 4: Chances reduced to 0% for now to balance fight regularity)

  • KO/Submission Hit: Very low chance to happen, end the fight.

A Accuracy factor is taken into account when calculating damage dealt:

  • High chance to deal regular to medium damage,

  • Low chance to deal medium to high damage.

Fight outcome

The Fight can finish in either conditions:

  • One opponent has taken too much damage and is knocked out (K.O.) or subdued (Submission),

  • A Fighter makes a KO/Submission Hit and end the fight right away,

  • Once the 3 rounds are finished and fighters are still standing it will go to Referee's decision. The most offensive fighter being declared the winner either in Unanimous or Split Decision given the fight's course.

The more hits your opponent take, the more chance he will have to be knocked out or subdued.

MetaFight Score Factor

During a Fight the MetaFight Score is used to determinate Initiative and the Hit Damage:

  • Initiative: the higher the difference between the score, the higher chances to act on the coming phase.

  • Hit Damage: the higher the MetaScore, the higher the damage dealt.

Rarity Factor

In the Fight the Rarity of each card is taken into account as per table below.

The Rarity Factor is used to determinate:

  • Initiative: the higher the Rarity Factor, the higher chances to act on the coming phase.

  • Hit Damage: the higher the Rarity Factor, the higher the damage dealt.




Difference = 1


Difference = 2


Difference = 3


Difference = 4


Difference = 5