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Designed with exclusivity in mind, these cards offer unique advantages and benefits, providing a gateway to enhanced experiences within the MetaFight ecosystem. Unlike standard cards sold directly by MetaFight, Promo Cards are not available for purchase. Instead, they are acquired through special means, with each card having its own unique set of criteria for obtainment. These criteria vary with each release, adding an element of surprise and anticipation for what comes next.

Introducing "Choose Your Path: The Businessman vs. The Supplier"

The inaugural card in the Promo Card series is "Choose Your Path: The Businessman vs. The Supplier," marking a pivotal moment between the conclusion of the MCG Alpha version and the eagerly anticipated Beta release. With a limited supply of 333 cards, this exclusive asset is a one-time mint with no additional production in the future.

What Makes This Card Unique?

"Choose Your Path" is not just a card; it's a decision that leads you down one of two distinct journeys within the MetaFight ecosystem: The Financial Journey as The Businessman or The Athletic Journey as The Supplier. Holders of this card will face a choice that shapes their experience in the game, deciding between two paths by burning their Promo Card to receive either the Businessman or Supplier Card, each offering its own set of rewards:

  • The Businessman Journey: Embark on a path filled with economic strategy and gain periodic rewards in the form of Mystery Chests. These chests contain valuable $MFT tokens among other undisclosed items, designed to enrich your gameplay and financial prowess within MetaFight.

  • The Supplier Journey: Choose a path of physical prowess and be rewarded with Exclusive Equipment Cards, which remain a mystery for now. These cards are tailored to provide significant bonuses to their holders, enhancing gameplay without disrupting the game's balance.

These rewards will be distributed over several months, with more details to be unveiled in the future.

This card introduces a new rarity for the assets that don't fit into the regular rarities (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Legendary, Unique): Special.

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