Fighter Card

At the moment, 219+ fighters cards available into the packs.

They are from 34 different nationalities and 42 different organizations.


Each Fighter Card depicts a unique professional MMA Fighter with its real attributes and in-game data.

MetaFight Score

Calculated using FightMatrix data source and other input, it represents the estimated power of the designated Fighter at a given time ("Edition").

Through the use of Bonus cards, the Fighters may evolve in your Gym. They can grow stronger in a particular fighting aspect or adopt a full-around style. It is up to you to give them the path to walk on.

New editions will be published for any highlights in a Fighter’s career (retirement, belt win or loss, moving organization).

When entering your Gym, each Fighter card holds no stats. Through Equipment card matching it can gains:

  • Technical Stats: Striking, Grappling, Wrestling

  • Personal Stats: Fight IQ, Stamina, Speed, Explosiveness, Strength, Suppleness, Mental, Congestion

  • Special Effect attributing exciting and strategic aspects.

It can gain Technical stats through the evolution of the Player’s Gym or Trainer cards. Personal stats and Special Effect can be added to the Fighter card through the use of Equipment cards.

MetaFight Starter cards are not available for purchase, but are offered to players at the beginning of their journey. You can participate in leagues, earn points and rewards, even if you haven't purchased or earned any cards.


All fighters are classified into various different tiers. The details of this classification is not public as of now and it does not impact the chance of winning a fight in any case.

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