Mission Statement

How we support the entire MMA sector
While creating MetaFight, some ideas were clear right from the beginning and paved the first stones of the company's philosophy and values.

Fighter Revenue Issue

When researching into the MMA market at first, what quickly emerged was the fact that the majority of fighter are struggling at meeting proper conditions to grow their career. Making money to finance the costs of training, camps and other spendings is quite difficult when you're starting your career. Once a fighter reaches the success, revenues are much bigger and exceed by far the expenses related to MMA practice. It also explains why numerous famous fighters do take actions in favour of MMA development to their own scale. Some help back in their home land, some create their gym open to all, some others try to go for the political side.
--> MetaFight shares the revenue made on the cards with the fighter displayed on it. --> Everytime a card is purchased in a pack or from another manager it directly supports the fighter. --> This is our way to making easy a social action into daily routine.

Making Technology easy for MMA market

MetaFight aims to upgrade the entertainment potential of the MMA market globally by offering its knowledge and capacities in new technology to all actors of this market. The platform believes that the medium and experiences offered throughout the various geographical markets engaged should bring up a superior quality for the fan. This will help MMA become more appreciated worldwide.
For professional fighters this is an opportunity to have a trustworthy partner offering to value the best way their image, no regards their fame every fighter has its own fanbase !
Promotions have an opportunity to change the market and its code. Streaming income represents an important share of any organization’s revenue mix. However, the format has not evolved for over a decade. Organizations that take the bet to move on to a newer format bringing more social features, exchanges between viewers and an overall more immersive experience while keeping the same level of easiness can benefit greatly from it.

Bringing Entertainment in market that is lacking of

MMA market has suffered from limited offer in terms of side experiences ever since it became popular all over the world. Where other sports highly benefit from games or other entertainment content. Through its various activities MetaFight prolongate the fan experience in a digitalised way. At all time and places you have a way to dive in the MMA world and have fun.
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