A Management Game to experience the reinvented fan experience


“The story begins as an MMA fighter winning his last fight. After dozens of fights, he realized that his passion could be exercised through another way: teaching. So he decided to build his own gym to welcome promising talents and make them reach the top."
So you, as a gym manager, will start your career by acquiring your first Gym, and a bunch of Starter Cards containing Fighters and Equipment Cards, each of them with different statistics and rules. Then it will be up to your choices to build the Gym of your dreams.
Whether you focus on grappling, wrestling, striking or full-around, you will have to choose which path you want to lead your Fighters on! Be strategic, gain experience through fighting, improve your Gym with it, push your Fighters to the limits of their potential and get the world’s Best Manager title.
MetaFight is available on both mobile devices & desktop browsers.
The Game is free to access and to play, Starter cards are given to all new manager so that he may build his own management.


The goal of the game is to create the most powerful MMA gym by raising your name and your fighters to the top of the Leaderboard !
To climb the leaderboard you'll need points, you can get those through the registration of your Fighter cards into the different Leagues in the Arenas.
Each registration cost Fight Session, the amount being variable depending on the league's specification.
The leagues available are changing after their completion, the criteria to access them are changing at the same time
As a manager your duty is to establish the registration's strategy so that your fighter brings you the most points out of their fights.