Card Collection

The next generation sports cards collection
Whenever a fighter card is purchased it directly helps the fighter


To date, MetaFight has been able to secure exclusive licenses from over 550 strategic partners in the MMA industry, including fighters, leagues, gyms, trainers, and other related organisations. 150+ are already available in game.
The depth of MetaFight’s extensive license portfolio makes it a platform with a unique competitive advantage which has established itself in the market and has built strong relationships with key players in the MMA world.
Having these licenses benefits MetaFight’s users as it allows them to access exclusive content, watch live events, and gain insights not available on other platforms.

Card Collection in History

Sports trading cards have a long history dating back to the 19th century. The first ever sports trading card created in 1868 by Allen & Ginter. It featured a picture of a baseball player but did not have much success at the time.
It was not until the early 20th century that sports trading cards really began to gain popularity. Baseball cards were the most popular, but there were also cards for other sports such as football, boxing, and even wrestling.
Over the years, sports trading cards continued to evolve and their sought-after collectible nature reached a peak in January 2021 when the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card was sold for $5.2 million.

New technology to support this hobby

With the world increasingly transitioning to a digital landscape, advancements in technology can aid in cultivating this hobby further. And based on current trends and projections, it is likely that 70% of the market will be digital by 2027 due to the continued growth of digital technologies.

How it works at MetaFight

MetaFight is a platform that combines the traditional aspects of sports trading cards with new digital technologies, to meet the demand for digitization in the industry. It uses blockchain technology and NFTs (*) to create a new type of collecting experience.
One of the key features of MetaFight is its rarity system, which assigns different levels of rarity to each digital asset. These rarity levels are used to determine the value of the asset and make it more or less valuable to collectors. Additionally, the platform is divided into seasons, which add an element of excitement and anticipation for collectors and users, as new rare assets are released each season.

(*) It is important to note that MetaFight is designed to be a tool for collecting and transmitting value, rather than a tool for speculation or trading. The platform does not encourage or facilitate trading as a primary use case, but instead focuses on the collectability of each asset. While the rarity and value of each asset may fluctuate over time, the goal of MetaFight is to create a sustainable and enjoyable collecting and gaming experience for its users.