Discover the team behind
Julia is a licensed Attorney skilled in intellectual property rights. She has recently become interested in and engaged with NFTs and cryptocurrency ecosystems and manages all legal affairs for the organization.

Thomas Chauveau: Co-Founder & COO

Thomas is highly experienced in event organization, VR, AR, and audiovisual production. With a compelling desire to popularize Web 3.0 and blockchain tools, Thomas is dedicated to introducing as many people, as possible, to this emerging ecosystem. He is charged with leading this project to a successful launch and operation.

Pierre Buffe: CPO

Remy Buffetto: Head of Delivery and Process

Remy brings his vast experience in digital product creation and Certified SAFE credentials to MetaFight. His expertise with agile organizations and practices is at the heart of MetaFight’s lean operations.

Patrick Ravon: Head of photography

For several decades, roaming around the digital world of images, live performances, and event planning, Patrick now brings a rich background and skill to the MetaFight project.

Pierre Le Bris: Head of Sales & Licenses

With an extensive background in luxury products and brands, Pierre strives to deliver his expertise and intense focus to MetaFight. Pierre is committed to providing an exciting and entertaining platform for MMA fans and game players worldwide.

Mohamed Oulmoumen Zebra: 3D Art Director

Eugenie is a legal counsel specialised in intellectual property law who provides legal advice and guidance on a wide range of matters for MetaFight including contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, intellectual property rights protection and licensing. In short, her role is to ensure that MetaFight operates within the bounds of the law and minimise legal risks to the extent possible.

Mathurin Coguenanff: Art Director

For years, autodidact artist and crypto blockchain enthusiast Mathurin has developed his talents, passions, and expertise. Now, he brings his savoir-faire to MetaFight, creating it visually to life.

Thibault Cazin: UI/UX Designer

Thibault has been involved in cutting-edge digital products for over a decade, from creation to production. His vast experience and knowledge of Web Design, including Optimal reactivity & flexibility, are highly leveraged and displayed prominently at MetaFight.

Brice Esnault: Community Manager

Since 2018, Brice has focused his efforts on the digital space and Web 3.0. With his vast array of social media and content creation skills, Brice delivers an infectious enthusiasm for Crypto and NFTs to MetaFight.

Clément Pontoizeau: Game Designer

Gautier Cazin: Lead Dev

Zack LB: Business Developper

Alan Baudot: MMA Expert / UFC Fighter

Axel Tascyan: Marketing Advisor

Passionate and highly experienced MMA Fighter and now crypto enthusiast, Alan brings his Cage experience and expertise to MetaFight and its rapidly growing community. Charged with recruiting other MMA talent to MetaFight, including Fighters, Managers, and Branded Organizations, Alan warns Asia that it had better watch out!