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Here are all updates from the devs about the game.

#8 • 13th November 2023 • "Alpha's End"

MetaFight Alpha is closing its doors for of a couple months for upgrades! This 2-weeks season will be the last before a break to prepare the Beta version.

Last Leaderboard features the following changes:

- Start from 13th up to 27th of November.
- More Leagues, more Strategy: As per community feedback, the number of leagues available is increased for these leaderboards, some will features more restrictive criteria.
- Less participants per league: The leagues available offers less spots so as to make sure each one is competitive. Limited Leagues (one instance only) still features 64 spots so as to offer chances for everyone to win new rewards.
- Championship Arena rewards: This season's rewards anticipate the Beta, with two new items: a new Equipment Card & a Mystery Chest, their effect and content are to be unveiled later on.
- The rewards for the Starter Arena are enhanced with Fighter Cards from Bronze to Gold up to the 100th position.
- Extended Arena is closed.


- Starter Cards will be erased, but don’t worry your efforts were not in vain: to get you ready for the Beta release, the Starter Arena features more Bronze and above rarities cards.
- Between the Alpha closing & Beta launch, mini-games will be released that will tease the Beta features.
- More info will be revealed in due time
Come celebrate with us the end of the Alpha version!
#7 • 03rd October 2023 • "Dynamic League Update Vol.2"
In order to further enhance the strategic aspect of the gameplay, the creation of each new league in the various arenas is now fully random. This way, each card can find its usefulness and attains its peak performance in a league.
This change is a significant departure from the previous model of league creation, where leagues were predetermined, potentially favouring certain cards or strategies while marginalizing others. With this randomization, every league becomes a unique and dynamic challenge, offering an equal opportunity for all cards to prove their worth.
This randomness injects an element of surprise and adaptability into the game. Players must now rely on their strategic prowess and adapt to the specific league conditions that arise. It creates an environment where the player's ability to think on their feet and make the best use of the cards at their disposal is paramount.
Furthermore, the change aligns with the concept of fairness. In the past, players might have felt frustrated if their favorite cards or strategies were consistently disadvantaged in certain leagues. With the fully random league creation, the element of luck is introduced, making it so that everyone faces a fair and unpredictable challenge. This can lead to a more level playing field, where victory depends more on adaptability rather than exploiting a known advantage.

Rarities’ rotation per league

All the leagues in Championship & Extended Arena features a rarity criterion. The baseline rarity in Championship is set to Bronze while in Extended it is on Starter. Then, all the leagues proposed in these Arena will include at least the baseline rarity. Additional rarities can complete the rarity criterion on a random basis. Everytime a new league is generated it can feature one of those options on a random basis:
Championship Arena:
- Bronze,
- Bronze + Silver,
- Bronze + Silver + Gold,
- Bronze + Silver + Gold + Legendary + Unique.

Extended Arena:

- Starter,
- Starter + Bronze,
- Starter + Bronze + Silver,
- Starter + Bronze + Silver + Gold,
- All.

With the exception of a few leagues:

Profiled League (Extended):
- Starter,
- Bronze,
- Silver,
- Gold.

♀♂ (Extended):

- Starter,
- Bronze,
- Silver,
- Gold,
- Legendary + Unique.

Gear Fight (Championship):

- Bronze,
- Silver,
- Gold,
- Bronze + Silver + Gold + Legendary + Unique.
The Starter Arena is still only accessible for Starter Cards.
Instant Duel accepts all rarities available in the given Arena.

Gold Digger & Silver Digger keep their rarity access:

- Bronze for Silver Digger,
- Bronze + Silver for Gold Digger.

Fighting Algorithm

Actual functioning - Alpha Test phase - does not represent the final functioning
Initiative elasticity has been reduced to allow less possibility of win when the gap in MetaFight Score is too wide.
To go further in testing requests from the community the fighting algorithm has been modfiied and features:
  • RNG is in play upon perfect equality between each fighter card's MetaFight Score.
  • The rarity coefficient in play for fight outcome are now as per table below.
The reduction of RNG into the fighting algorithm was necessary to make the cards more performant based on their MetaFight Score.

Equipment Balance

Actual functioning - Alpha Test phase - does not represent the final functioning The Equipment balance has been modified to match the following order of power:
Venum > MetaFight, Organization > Collab'
The Equipment functioning has been adjusted to the following:
  • Technical Stat bonus: Addition to the MetaFight Score of the bonus given. Example: 90 MetaFight Score equipped with Scarlet High Kicker results in a final 93 MetaFight Score. 90 + 2 Wrestling bonus + 1 Grappling bonus = 93 MetaFight Score.
  • Personal Stat bonus: Addition of the up to three bonuses divided by 5. Example: 90 MetaFight Score equipped with Scarlet High Kicker results in a final 90,6 MetaFight Score. 90 + ((2 Wrestling bonus + 1 Grappling bonus) /6) = 90,6 MetaFight Score.

Average League’s length

The aim was to make unnecessary the need to frequently come back to the platform on a day to place a single or two fighters, now to be competitive coming one time or two a day is enough.
Except for Instant Leagues, the minimal length for a league is 8-hours. The length of a league is fixed.
The leagues can last: 8-hours, 12-hours, 24-hours, 3 -days, or 5-days.


New filter:

- Organizations: UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, BRAVE CF, ARES.

Modified filter:

- Score: is added intermediary stage of MetaFight Score; the possibilities are now the following:
- 60 to 69,
- 66 to 75,
- 70 to 79,
- 76 to 85,
- 80 to 89,
- 86 to 95,
- 90+ (including 90),
#6 • 13th June 2023 • "Alpha 4: Fight Algorithm Update Vol. 1"

Algorithm V2 --> See "Fighting Algorithm"

A new method of calculating the fights is deployed. This reshaped algorithm is a total new way
First up, we've revamped the equipment-related calculations, introducing technical and personal stats:
  • Technical stats: Striking, Wrestling, and Grappling.
  • Personal stats: Fight IQ, Speed, Stamina, Explosiveness, Strength, Mental, Suppleness, and Congestion. Note: Personal stats influence technical stats.
Boosting these stats will give your fighter a significant advantage in the cage.

Fight Outcomes

We're also offering more detailed fight outcomes:
Fight outcome: You'll now see specific fight results (KO, TKO, submission, unanimous decision, or split decision). Leagues: More details about your recent league participation will be provided.

Gym Space Overhaul

We've reimagined the "Gym" space:
Your fighters' stats and history will now be more readable.
Primary stats: Are now technical stats.
Secondary stats: Are now personal stats.
This change allows you to activate Equipment using secondary stats, such as the Guard Breaker Equipment (+3 Stamina / +3 Mental / +2 Fight IQ).

Onboarding System

Different paths will guide the user from the MetaFight homepage to league registration, thanks to the first offered cards.

Resting Time

Starting June 13th at 6 PM: Leaderboard points snapshot. This means that ongoing leagues will continue, but won't be included in the score calculation.
Therefore, points won't be counted if your fighter stays in a league after 6 PM.
So, don't register in the weekly league with your best fighter, or you might not win anything.
All leagues ending after the cut-off time will not be counted.

Special Packs --> See "Special Packs"

The contents of the Bronze, Silver, Gold & Legendary Packs will be changed starting June 13th at 10:00 am UTC.
A more exclusive selection of sought-after fighters will be put up for sale. These packs will be limited in number to avoid oversupply.
We aim to maximize players' chances of getting Fighter Cards that are not commonly available.
Find all the details of the fighters and equipment present in the packs here: Pack Content

From June 20th - Return to "Classic" Packs

The Bronze, Silver, Gold & Legendary Packs will see their contents changed again starting June 20th at 10:00 am UTC. All Fighters and Equipment can be obtained again from this date.
Please note that:
  • Packs purchased before June 13th and opened between June 13th and June 20th are eligible for Special Pack contents.
  • Packs purchased between June 13th and June 20th, opened after June 20th, will no longer be eligible for Special Pack contents.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Overhaul of the time bar in different leagues.
  • It's no longer possible to change a fighter's equipment when they're fighting in a league. The equipment will be locked and can only be used once your fighter has finished their fights.
  • A card put up for sale on the secondary market can no longer be used to fight in a league.
These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to providing the best gaming experience possible.
As always, we appreciate your support and feedback. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the MetaFight game.
#5 - 10th May 2023 - "Dynamic League & Leaderboard Rewards Update Vol. 1"
This fifth update since the alpha release is focusing on two features that modify the league system and how it was built until now.
First, rewards are added to the leaderboard of each Arena, so that all managers can compete for it, no matter which cards it holds. Manager are up to acquire as much points as they can until June 6, so to rank themselves and claim the rewards that belong to them.
The Instant Arena will be replaced by the Extended Arena which behaviour is slightly different. It is not focusing solely on direct fights but rather offer all kind of leagues, the cost in Fight Session is none, however, the card will be lock for the next 20-hours after the completion.
The major gameplay update introduces a rotation in the leagues proposed into each Arena. Each league is dynamic in the sense that the accessibility criteria are changing every week. Each league can possess up to two criterion that are mandatory to match to register in. So, for example, we can find a league only accepting the status: Rookie, Outsider, Prospect and the score range: 60-69. The week after it is accepting the same status but the score range is: 70-79.
We do hope this update will please you, let you acquire new cards or other prizes, this mechanisms will be improved in the coming updates so as to reinforce the strategy aspect of the Alpha.
MetaFight Team
🏆 Leaderboard • Leaderboard reset • Added rewards for various arena leaderboards: Up to 2,099 rewards can be claimed! (1,000 rewards for Starter & Championship, and 99 for Extended Arena)
🥊 Leagues • Added new leagues with more restrictive filters, and changing criteria weekly
🛠️ Bug Fixes & Improvements • Updating shop prices for the packs • Fixed the issue with legendary cards that players couldn't engage • Fixed the league points issue • Resolved the display issue with more than 100 cards • Improved performance on league recovery
#4 - 9th April 2023 - "In-league rewards deployment"
🤖 AI & Gameplay • AI algorithm rebalanced to lesser the chances of winning from AI • Cards sorted by descending MetaScore when placing fighters in leagues
🗓️ Leagues • Dates display bug in leagues fixed
🔗 Interface & Connectivity • Logout button bug fixed • Connect Wallet button on homepage fixed
🛍️ Marketplace Improvements • Connecting to our own API • Adding filters • Changing display behavior
🎁 Rewards Implementation • Packs, Cards, and more!
🥊 Arenas Changes • Reduced Fight Session (FS) costs • Easier battle registration
🏆 Championship Arena Updates • Removed: Death Match, 2h-Arena, 8h-Legendary • Added: Instant, Road to Gold, Road to Silver
🏆 New Leagues: Road to Gold & Road to Silver • Road to Gold: Weekly league, Gold Fighter Card prize, Open to Starter, Bronze, and Silver cards • Road to Silver: Biweekly league, Silver Fighter Card prize, Open to Starter and Bronze cards • Entry requires Fight Session
#3 - 28th March 2023 - "New Equipment Cards"
Hello MetaFighters, gamers, web3 fans, or sports lovers!
MetaFight will be undergoing maintenance from March 28 to 31 - 4 pm UTC.
🌀 FUSION OF THE COLLECTIONS During this time, we will merge all our collections into a single collection.
We want to assure you that you don't have to do anything, as this process will be taken care of automatically. The long-term goal of this fusion is to give more visibility to MetaFight by concentrating volumes.
As part of this process, a snapshot is scheduled this March 28th at 4 pm UTC. This will coincide with the closing of MetaFight Alpha, which will reopen 72 hours later on Friday at 4 pm UTC. We believe that the benefits of this fusion will be worth it in the end and allow us to reach a wider audience.
It’s not recommended to buy secondary cards from the old collection (fighter cards) from the snapshot today at 4 pm UTC.
The new cards can be bought and sold in the Booster Pack collection. Here is the only link to follow in the future: https://rarible.com/boostercards/items
🎁 REWARDS DISTRIBUTION In two weeks, we will be distributing all planned rewards. The airdrops will be done little by little and include:
─ All the rewards of the different events/giveaways ─ @Ternoa launchpad rewards
─ @CrossTheAges pack rewards
─ Rewards related to the LOYAL3 program with @WeaboveOfficial ─ Last requested bridges
We are delighted to be able to make these drops, thank you for your patience so far!
Thank you all for your continued support of MetaFight! We're excited to unveil some exciting news, so stay tuned!
The MetaFight Team
#2 - 23rd March 2023 - "In-league gameplay modification"
Managers, Throughout the past two weeks, a part of our work has been focused on UI/UX improvement, some bug display in packs and leagues, and ergonomy in placing cards into leagues. We’ll continue to improve the overall user experience while bringing new features. Now, let’s unfold what awaits you in the next update:
🃏 Merge Collection: In the coming days we’re going to undertake an important update to the various collections opened by MetaFight. In this way, we’ll be merging the collections Booster Pack, Fighter Cards & Equipment Cards under one. Why are we making this change ? First reason is to make the navigation easier. Second reason is to make the MetaFight more visible throughout the marketplaces by gathering the volumes spread out on the various collections.
🥇Rewards: You will find in-league daily rewards into the Starter Arena and in-league weekly rewards into the Championship Arena. These rewards will be composed of Starter pack and cards, Bronze pack and cards, as well as Silver and Gold cards.
🥊 Fight Session: Championship Arena Fight Session cost is reduced so that you can place your fighters more frequently or add new ones in the leagues. Instant Arena will no longer cost Fight Session to enter it.
❗Instant Arena: The Instant Arena is now being costless in Fight Session. It will be used to offer alternative rewards. More info will be given in due time. Basically, the idea is to provide an Arena where you can place all the fighters that aren’t suited in your roster to compete effectively in Championship Arena.
🏟️ Championship & Starter Arenas: These Arenas become the main place of the contest between managers. They’ll feature in-league rewards that should lead the best managers on their road to higher rarities. Available for all cards, the rarity still has a powerful impact on the power of a card. At least one of these Arenas should be privileged to fight for the rewards in cards and packs depending on the player's advancement in the game.
👑 Leaderboard Rewards: By the next update, we’re making available the first version of the reward system: in-league direct rewards. Once we’re satisfied with this mechanic, we can proceed with Leaderboard rewards integration. ETA for this feature is difficult to be provided accurately, we’ll keep you posted on the advancements made. The update will be made over the next week, and the server will be turned off for a couple days to be effective. Thanks for your commitment! We're all gonna make it.
#1 - 7th March 2023 - "First update post launch"
Early Community,
First, thank you for your daily participation in the game and for helping us to lay its foundations.
Since our arrival on IMX, the team has been working intensively to create the first MetaFight Alpha version that is quickly expanding with your involvement.
The first 2-week phase post-launch was focused on stress testing the game's infrastructure with a consequent simultaneous number of users, thus, allowing us to consolidate the key features.
Among others were improved internal navigation and several league aspects (matchmaking vs. AI, double registration).
The next 2-week phase is planned to validate all the work done on debugging. Indeed, as stated, we wanted to bring the rewards soon in the game's lifetime so that the player enjoys an even better experience. But to do so, each player's overall experience must be equal. That's why we undergo this 2-week validation phase before implementing the rewards feature.
Okay, but what does it involve? As of 03/08, 4:30 PM UTC:
  • All data will be reset, leaderboards included,
  • Open up 4x fresh Starter Pack,
  • All collectible cards will be kept (except Starter); only off-chain assets & data will be erased.
We are building the MetaFight game altogether.
We read you every day and take note of all the feedback, so keep testing & playing MetaFight Alpha and suggesting improvements.
Thanks for your commitment!
We're all gonna make it.
MetaFight Team