Upcoming Features

Glimpse of the future
Any feature in here is not sorted in any specific order and will be integrated once finalized.


  • Leagues Rewards - Integrated on May 10
Some cards will be added as in-league rewards.
  • Daily Quests
The Daily Quest System will be back. It will allow you to gain more points every day to climb the ladder.
  • New Fight Algorithm - Integrated on June 13
Because we can never be satisfied and we aim at bringing you the most realistic experience in MetaFight, a second version of the Fighting Algorithm will be made available in the game, with a completely revised fight system and based on time and real MMA actions. A new system of primary & secondary statistics will get your management to another level.
Also, you will soon be able to manage your Fighters in real time in some of the Instant Arena's leagues.
  • Achievements & Experience
A new gameplay feature will bring the ability to unlock Achievements. Rewards from those Achievements are mainly Experience Points. They will be spent the way you want: to upgrade your gym, stats and overall your whole manager career.
  • Career System
Yes, a single player career system is under development. More details soon.
  • Friends System
Fight with your friends, place your best cards without any restraints and find out who is the best among you. This mode will allow you to have a higher level of control over your Fighters. At first, this mode won’t count at all in the leaderboard. Once it has been fully implemented, a ranked alternative will come up. Also, the user dashboard will be updated in the user profile page with the cards and achievements they want to display.
  • Seasons
Seasons bring new content, last for a couple weeks and will drive the game's activity. Featuring specific fighters, coach or gym to put a focus on, new leagues, new cards.
  • Card Assignment
New way of matching cards rarities to make the most out of them.
  • Thematic Leagues
Fan of a specific organization ? MetaFight is here to help you upgrade your fan experience. Supported by a real professional MMA organization, it diversifies the leagues available in-game and lets you have access to rewards which can be used in real-life or in-game depending on the prize pool offered.
  • Card Renting
Not enough time to place all your cards ? Not interested in gaming but solely collecting your favorite fighters' cards ? Share your cards with another player to get something in exchange or even split the prizes gained by the fighter card.


  • Improvement over the browsing
  • Improvement over the display of the different leagues
  • Rework of the gym page
  • In-game Music Environment : more realistic Live MetaFight fights with a dedicated music environment featuring all the sounds that makes MMA the most popular sport.


  • Coach Cards
Get the best out of your fighters by assignining each of them a Coach. It will reinforce their stats.