Manager's Office

Your Gym Dashboard
"As you were designing your gym, you didn’t have much money to invest in your business. You knew that you had to start small and work your way up.
Your first manager office was small and cramped, with barely enough room for your desk and chair. You had to make do with what you had, but you were determined to make it work.
Despite the difficulties, you were able to create a space that was functional and inspiring. You decorated the walls with posters and quotes that reminded you of your passion for MMA fighting and your commitment to your fighters.
Your desk was a simple table that you found at a thrift store, but it was sturdy and reliable. You also had a chair that wasn’t very comfortable, but it helped you stay focused and motivated.
As your business grew, you knew that you would have to develop your office further. But for now, this was enough. You were proud of what you had accomplished with so little, and you knew that you could achieve even more in the future."
In this page every step in your manager's career is tracked and will help you reach higher heights. The record of your past fights as well as an overview of your current registrations are displayed for you to have a quick recap of what's going on.
You will also have access to advanced data on your past results in the various leagues.