What is MetaFight

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Platform & Activities

MetaFight is a platform that has three main components: Card Collection, Gaming, and Metaverse.
The Card Collection aspect of MetaFight is a gamified collectible marketplace. The platform offers a wide variety of digital cards. Each collectible is unique and has its own rarity level, which is used to determine its value. Collectors can buy, sell, and trade these assets using the MetaFight marketplace, which is built on blockchain technology to ensure authenticity and security.
Users can purchase card packs to uncover their cards and complete quests and achievements to earn rewards and live fan experiences. This aspect is designed to provide a fun and engaging way for collectors to build and expand their collections while also earning rewards for their efforts.
In addition to collecting digital assets, users can also participate in MetaFight’s gaming experience. The Gaming aspect of MetaFight is an interactive TCG (trading card game) system. Users can become a manager, set up their teams, and make their fighters reach the top and climb the leaderboard. This aspect is designed to provide a competitive and entertaining way for users to use their cards and engage with other users in battles.
MetaFight is also building a Metaverse, which allows users to discover a new way to watch and live sports content by immersing themselves in a virtual world. It is designed to provide users with a social and interactive experience where they can connect with other users, attend events, and explore various activities and experiences related to sports.
Overall, MetaFight provides users with a comprehensive platform that combines collecting, gaming, and metaverse elements to provide a unique and engaging experience for sports fans, collectors and gamers.

Through the Game app you can find several buildings each having its own purpose and use:
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